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A Grecian Urn

A Grecian Urn

A Grecian Urn
Imagine the following: a bride dressed in white on her wedding day, savage men chasing after women, the lingering subject of love, or a peaceful, uncorrupted town. What do these topics have in common Through the use of these topics, John Keats portrays the theme of eternal innocence and the sufficiency of beauty throughout his poem, ?Ode on a Grecian Urn.?
In the first stanza of the poem which has a rhyme scheme of ababcdedce, Keats introduces the theme of eternal innocence and the sufficiency of beauty with reference to the ?unravished bride of quietness? (line 1). Accepting her purity of not yet engaging in the sexual actions of marriage, the urn portrays the bride in this state, and she will remain like so forever. Also in the first stanza, Keats uses the literary technique of cacophony to describe savage men chasing women into the dark, mysterious, and savage woods.
Some of the cacophonic words include ?thy, Arcady, and ecstasy? Using these words, Keats makes the urn capture the picture of the chase before any sexual desires or intentions are fulfilled. Since the urn ceases to describe anything past the chase itself, the situation is purely innocent

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Loma Prieta Earthquake

Loma Prieta Earthquake

Loma Prieta Earthquake

At 5:04 PM on October 17, 1989, the San Francisco Bay Area was severely shaken for 15 seconds by the Loma Prieta earthquake located to the south on the San Andreas fault near Santa Cruz. Although the quake did not tear the ground surface, it collapsed some buildings and freeway overpasses built upon the soft ?bayfill? sediment in San Francisco and Oakland. A section of the Bay Bridge collapsed.
The epicenter of the magnitude 7.1 quake was located about 10 miles northeast of Santa Cruz along a segment of the San Andreas fault, near Loma Prieta peak, the highest peak in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It was felt over an area of about 54,000 square miles. The rupture occurred on a 30-mile length of the San Andreas fault called the Santa Cruz Mountains segment. The focus was eleven and a half miles underground at a spot near China Ridge in Nisene Marks State Park. The land on the seaward side of the fault slipped five and a half feet northwest.
The Loma Prieta quake was the largest earthquake to occur in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1906, and the largest,

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2002 Winter Olympics

2002 Winter Olympics

2002 Winter Olympics Project
Salt Lake City, Utah
The colors are horizontal stripes that are red, white, green. They are the national colors of Hungary.

Hungary is a country in central Europe. Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Belgrade, Romania, Ukraine and Lithuania are the seven other countries that surround it.

Climate Hungary has cold winters and hot summers. January temperatures are about 29 F; July temperatures are about 70 F. Hungary gets rain about 24 inches of weather and other forms of weather each year. May, June, July are the months that Hungary gets the most forms of weather.

Languages Magyar (also called Hungarian) Hungary?s is an interesting language and it is spoken throughout the country, but people of minority groups have their own groups and use their own languages. In parts of Hungary, the people speak different languages of Magyars.

Clothing Most of the people in Hungary, mainly the people in the city, dress much like western people do in the Western countries and North America. Many rural Hungarians once wore colorful fancy hand worked by needle and thread costumes as everyday clothing. But today these people only wear costumes at special occasions.

Economy Large amounts of timber are imported. Uranium-is a metal that

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Cantebury Tales

Cantebury Tales

The Cantebury Tales is a collection of good stories, a snap shot, and a

picture frozen in time of the Middle Ages. Geoffrey Chaucer often known as the

father of English poetry gives us a look into life in the Middle Ages. The

characters in the story pass many of the same characteristics of modern people.

The Merchant, the Skipper, and the Franklin are much like certain people in

today?s society.

The Merchant is much like a trader on Wall Street ? he was an expert at

dabbling in exchanges.? (P.112 line 288) The Merchant is a finely

dressed man wearing a multicolored dress. Stockbrokers today must wear

the finest suits and look respectable to their clients so they can sell as

many stocks as possible at a premium price. The Merchant made it seem

like he was very wealthy ?his wits to work none knew he was in debt.?

(P.112 line 290) People who trade stocks today may one day be on top of

the world and the next day owe everyone an amount of money. The

Merchant cheated people by negotiating them out of their money, stock

brokers cheat by

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Human Ear And Tinbre

Human Ear And Tinbre


Hearing plays such an important role in everyday life of man. This sense is one that often taken for granted this is largely because the ear does its job well without our having to pay attention to it. Hearing is the best omnical sense we have, allowing us to be aware of the locations of things before we feel smell or see them; we don?t even have to turn around. This ability imparts tremendous survival advantages for all animals. As humans we rely greatly hearing as part of communication which relies on rapid processing of acoustic energy that the normal inner ear provides. The importance of such a small part of the body is reflected by its position deep inside the protection of the strongest, hardest bone in the body, the skull.

By the 15th century, the presence of the eardrum and two of the three bones of the middle ear had been recognised, but not much effort was put into further discovering the ear. Progresses during the 20th century greatly influenced the importance of the sense hearing to the human race with the inventions of the phonograph, telephone and radio. With technological discoveries the status of importance

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Basketball in Nova Scotia in the Past 30 Years

Basketball in Nova Scotia in the Past 30 Years

Basketball was first introduced to Nova Scotia as early as 1895 but in the past thirty years the popularity of the sport has really taken off. The high concentration of universities in the province, the tradition and esteem of the high school programs, and the continued support from a large and knowledgeable basketball community have made the game a staple of Nova Scotia life, culminating with the capital city of Halifax becoming known as the basketball capital of Canada. When you talk about basketball in the Maritimes you can break it down into different levels of competition. There are the club systems throughout the province, the regional and provincial teams, then high school basketball, then you have to look at intercollegiate basketball, and finally pro basketball that was here for a short period of time. Another way of looking at how the sport has come along in the past thirty years is by focusing on the people who have been an integral part in its development. People such as Bob Douglas, Mickey Fox, Ritchie Spears, Brian Heaney, Steve Konchalski, and Bill Robinson, who through different roles have made and continue to make an impact on

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Explication of ?Birches? by Robert Frost

According to the speaker and author Robert Frost, enduring life?s challenges can be easier by finding a balance between imagination and real life. The tone of the poem is nostalgic. The poem is divided into four parts: an introduction, an analysis of the bending of birch trees, an imaginative untrue analysis of the farm boy swinging on birches, and a wish Frost makes, wanting to return to his childhood. All of these sections have underlying philosophical meanings. Personification, alliteration, metaphor, and other sound devices support these meanings and themes. ?Birches? exibits no rhythm sceme or specific line length which suggests it is free verse.
In the first section of the poem, Frost explains the appearance of the birches. Frost wants to believe that the branches of the birches bend and sway because of a boy swinging on them. However, Frost suggests that repeated ice storms are what bend the branches. Frost compares the breaking away of the ice from the trees to the ?dome of heaven? shattering (Line 13). This could be a metaphor for life using imagery. The ice can symbolize difficult times that come in life, while the ice breaking away may represent renewed

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Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) affects the glands and epithelial cells of the body in the lungs, liver, pancreas, digestive system and reproductive system. It is frequently fatal, frighteningly progressive and always unremitting. Most individuals with CF will have a life span of thirty years or less. This disease is present in nearly 30,000 Americans and approximately 1 in every 20 Americans is a non-symptomatic carrier of the CF gene. (NIH, 1995) That ratio represents approximately twelve million people who are carriers and possibly not aware in this country alone. (NIH) Doctors and scientists are now looking toward gene therapy, specifically SmaRT gene therapy as a possible cure.
CF is an autosomal recessive disorder. Which can be defined as a child must inherit one mutated gene from each parent in order to have the disease. (JHU, 2001) Scientists found the gene site for CF in August of 1989; it is mapped on chromosome 7. (Lee, 152) The mutated gene that causes CF actually results from the flawed production of a ?CFTR? protein, or cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator. In a healthy cell, this CFTR protein would act as a transport channel (transport protein) for sodium

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Baseball vs. Football Which is the True American Pastime

Baseball vs. Football: Which is the True American Pastime

Baseball vs. Football: Which Is The True American Pastime

In today?s world of big time professional sports there are the two major players and they are football represented by the National Football League (NFL) and baseball represented by Major League Baseball (MLB). Now there are other sports that the American public enjoys watching, however the argument generally boils down to which sport is the true favorite of the American people: baseball or football. In this paper I will attempt to examine both sports from several different angles to include attendance, television revenue, ticket costs, venues, salaries, entertainment value, and athlete perception. The goal of this exercise will be to determine, once and for all, which sport is the American favorite and can truly be called the ?American Pastime?.

One of the single greatest measurable facets of professional sports is attendance. A sport?s popularity is in direct correlation to the number of people that will show up to watch that sport. Overall 2000 regular season attendance in Major League Baseball was a record 72,782,013 in 2,416 games for an average per game crowd of 30,125 whereas official

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Beowulf, Hero Or Not

Beowulf, Hero Or Not

Beowulf was written anonymously about a journey which the main character, Beowulf took. In British literature, journeys are very commonly found. They not only portray a physical journey, from one place to the final destination, but also an emotional journey, where the main character goes through a transformation. Throughout the course of this epic poem, Beowulf undergoes changes such as in his attitude, actions, motivation, and stature as a hero.
Beowulf?s attitude and actions change from beginning to end. At the beginning, he was young and vigorous. He had a fresh attitude, and was very fair and honorable. This was evident in his first fight, against Grendel. Since Grendel hadn?t any weapons or armor, Beowulf didn?t use them. But later, in the fight against Grendel?s mother, he used the weapons and armor. These actions showed that he no longer was as concerned for honor, whereas at the beginning it was apparent that he would take the risk of dying for it.
Along the lines of attitude, his motivation also changed. When he left Sweden, he went to fight for honor, glory, and for the King- Hrothgar. He felt like he was called to fight and that it was his duty. As

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