2002 Winter Olympics

2002 Winter Olympics

2002 Winter Olympics

2002 Winter Olympics Project
Salt Lake City, Utah
The colors are horizontal stripes that are red, white, green. They are the national colors of Hungary.

Hungary is a country in central Europe. Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Belgrade, Romania, Ukraine and Lithuania are the seven other countries that surround it.

Climate Hungary has cold winters and hot summers. January temperatures are about 29 F; July temperatures are about 70 F. Hungary gets rain about 24 inches of weather and other forms of weather each year. May, June, July are the months that Hungary gets the most forms of weather.

Languages Magyar (also called Hungarian) Hungary?s is an interesting language and it is spoken throughout the country, but people of minority groups have their own groups and use their own languages. In parts of Hungary, the people speak different languages of Magyars.

Clothing Most of the people in Hungary, mainly the people in the city, dress much like western people do in the Western countries and North America. Many rural Hungarians once wore colorful fancy hand worked by needle and thread costumes as everyday clothing. But today these people only wear costumes at special occasions.

Economy Large amounts of timber are imported. Uranium-is a metal that

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