Cantebury Tales

Cantebury Tales

Cantebury Tales

The Cantebury Tales is a collection of good stories, a snap shot, and a

picture frozen in time of the Middle Ages. Geoffrey Chaucer often known as the

father of English poetry gives us a look into life in the Middle Ages. The

characters in the story pass many of the same characteristics of modern people.

The Merchant, the Skipper, and the Franklin are much like certain people in

today?s society.

The Merchant is much like a trader on Wall Street ? he was an expert at

dabbling in exchanges.? (P.112 line 288) The Merchant is a finely

dressed man wearing a multicolored dress. Stockbrokers today must wear

the finest suits and look respectable to their clients so they can sell as

many stocks as possible at a premium price. The Merchant made it seem

like he was very wealthy ?his wits to work none knew he was in debt.?

(P.112 line 290) People who trade stocks today may one day be on top of

the world and the next day owe everyone an amount of money. The

Merchant cheated people by negotiating them out of their money, stock

brokers cheat by

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